/ We are a collective welcoming all who wish to engage with black & white darkroom photographic processes in a communal & supportive environment. The Gate Darkroom is a not-for-profit community interest company that runs the darkroom for its members and all who wish to have access to these resources.

// For over six years the Gate has operated a darkroom at Bond House, New Cross Gate, Lewisham, with the help and encouragement of ASC Studios a charity that supports the visual arts.

// In May 2017 the Gate moved to Thames-Side Studios. Located beside the river just east of Greenwich, Thames-Side Studios is the largest single-site studio provider in the UK. With over 460 studios it is home to an impressive array of artists, makers and designers and includes Thames-Side Print Studio and London Sculpture Workshop. There are also galleries and cafes, an education space and hot-desking area.

// The new darkroom was opened in August 2017. It has seven black & white enlargers from 35mm to 5×4 formats, one small and two large sinks, dryers for both fibre and resin-coated paper, a film drying cabinet, dry mount press, light box etc, all on ground floor level.  There is natural light in the studio.

Gate Open2.jpg