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Liz is a fine art photographer specialising in cameraless photography. Her work often focuses on found objects, sculptural interventions and socially engaged practices. 






Transylvanian-born Ioana is based in East London and uses photography as a visual diary. An amateur photographer always fascinated by people, she started documenting her family from the age of nine. Now in her 30s, Ioana's work focuses on street photography as well as the notion of home: documenting London and understanding what makes each of the countries she's lived in feel like home (Romania, Ireland and now England).



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My practice has a sturdy background in photography, with increasing experience of collaboration with other art forms (sound, performance, video, participation). I work internationally and am a long-term facilitator at Fotosynthesis CIC and an associate artist at youth organisation Phakama UK. My ongoing project Appearing Act explores the complexity and paradoxes of my multicultural heritage. This is my access point to more universal ideas of mobility, memory and transmission.


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I am inspired by both the physicality of the photograph and the qualities of photographic print. 

Experimenting with different materials and camera-less techniques, with the aim of bringing a sculptural element to my work. 

Central themes within my practice are isolation, escapism and the environment within which we exist.






Maria (b.1990) is a multimedia visual artist and performer based between UK and Italy. Graduated at Central Saint Martins, she is the award winner for Celeste Prize 2017 for the section Installation,Sculpture and Performance. Her research focuses on narration as tool of imagination to convey knowledge about personal and collective history. Her work has been recently selected for Arte Laguna Prize and shortlisted for AER Residency Hause r& Wirth in Somerset. Recent exhibitions include: Tate Modern Exchange, Venice International Performance Art Week, International Day Of Light, Art Nigh t& Whitechapel Gallery